We all know that it is important to do exercise routines in every day of your lives. Exercises are essential in keeping our body fit and healthy. In addition to that, exercises are also important in order to have a nice and beautiful body. However, there are many people who are being injured as they exercise. This is often because they have done something wrong during their exercise.

Well, the injuries are not only present when doing exercises, they happen during sporting events too. But are you wondering if certain injuries can be avoided in sports activities as well as in exercises? Well, the answer is, they can be avoided provided that you have completed a proper warm up.

Warm ups are always being recommended to us by out fitness trainer as well as our coach. But for most of the time and for some people, it is always being neglected. Well, from now on, it is better not to neglect the warm-up routines since warm ups are very essential in preparing the body into any game, training, practice or even exercise session that you wish to perform. With proper warm up, your body will achieve maximum performance and at the same time will reduce any risk of injury.

If you are not convinced of that, take a look on the list provided for the benefits that you can get if you will just perform a proper warm up session.

1. Warm up speeds up the energy production in the body. This is because there is an increase in temperature in the body as we start sweating and that increase in temperature will also increase the metabolism rate of the body and energy production.
2. Muscles are being loosened. This is also applicable to the joints and ligaments. When that happens, the probability of muscle soreness is being reduced.
3. The muscles are being made more flexible as they can easily relax and contract.
4. Lactic acid accumulation is being prevented. For that reason, the onset of fatigue is being delayed. Moreover, you can have a longer work out or game session.
5. Focus is being increased. Warm up is a good preparation of the mind as your brain can review the skills, strategy and tactics that is needed in the exercise or the sports. So, concentration, readiness and alertness is being achieved.
6. There is an improved strength with warm up as the motor skills of the muscles are being prepared to do heavy tasks.
7. The cardiac output as well as the blood flow towards the skeletal muscles is being increased. This is necessary during the training session, activity or work-out.
8. There are hormonal changes that are happening during warm up. Thus, the body can balance the production of the different hormones that are responsible for the regulation of production of energy.