Even though you are the boss who can’t have the results you wanted or you are the just simple employee who is angry with the amount of load your boss is giving it is true that we can’t avoid having enemies or we can’t avoid being angry within a day. But, for most of the time, we hold back ourselves to avoid any confrontation or to avoid making a scene in our work place. However, do you know that there are recent studies that show that anger can be very good for one’s health?

Certainly that is true and the researchers from the University of Valencia which is located at Spain have validated that working concept. Well, it all started when they become interested on what is happening on the human body when they are angry or holding back great amount of emotions. From their study, it has been found out that when people are very welcome to express their anger, the blood flows smoothly on the different parts of the brain. Thus, there is a happiness feeling being felt.

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That findings only show that it support the one of the general theory in psychology that says that if there is a proper ventilation of emotions, then there will be a better mental health for the individual than to just let that emotions to be buried or locked inside. Well, according to the 30 people who have undergo the different test procedures, it has been found out that those who are angry has a stimulated left side of the brain.

Wondering the relationship of that to being happy? According to Dr. Herreo Neus, the leader of the study in the University of Valencia, the region of the left frontal part of the brain is generally involving positive emotions while the right side of the brain is connected with the negative emotions. He also said that there are major changes in the human than anger can drive and some of them are controlling the hormones as well as the works of the heart.

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However, another precaution should also be noted. Too much anger has its side effects also wherein people who are too angry have been found out to have an increased blood pressure which all of us didn’t want. For that reason, whenever you feel that you are being abused or whenever you are angry, you should take a deep breath and let the moment pass for awhile. Look for other ways on how you can release the anger in your heart like working more efficiently.

If that technique is not enough for you, you can go to the comfort room to release the pain you are feeling or you can even go to the rooftop of your building wherein you can release that anger in your chest. Shout as much as you want to release the anger. Remember that good emotional ventilation is the key to have a happy life.

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