Stress Self Help

The world today is far different than it was 50 or even 20 years ago. The current economic situation, the lack of job security and a growing violence in our streets makes day to day living more stressful for the average person than it ever has been at any other time in our history. The problem is that stress can lead to all kinds of emotional, psychological and physical problems that makes life even more difficult. While there is no way to completely eliminate stress from your life, there are some stress self help therapies that can help you to manage that stress so that it creates less problems for you and those around you.

Learn To Avoid Stressful Situations Whenever Possible

The first step in getting the stress self help that you need is learning to avoid stressful situations whenever possible. This can be accomplished by making small lifestyle changes that will help to improve your life. For example, if you find yourself stressed over making it to work on time each day then in order to avoid that stress try getting up a half an hour earlier or taking a less congested route to work. By making this one simple change you can arrive at work feeling less stressed which in turn may well reduce the other stresses in your day.

Get Some Daily Exercise

Most stress self help advisers will tell you that getting at least some physical exercise each day will help you to actually free yourself of stress that you are currently having and may well help to prevent stressful situations from effecting you as much during the rest of the day. Physical exercise such as a brisk walk, bouncing on a rebounder or playing a pick up game of basketball helps you to relax both your mind and muscles which in turn helps you to feel less stressed and more in control.

Find Your Own Relaxation Techniques

One of the best things about stress self help is that it allows you to find your own ways of relaxing and relieving stress. For some that might be using aromatherapy to lift your spirits and relax your mind or body. For others it may be as simple as spending a few moments in quiet reflection or reading a book. For others it may simply be able to find a peaceful place and drift away for a few minutes. Whatever, it is finding your own relaxation techniques to help you relieve and deal with stress will make it possible for you to manage your own stress levels more efficiently.

When All Else Fails Change Your Attitude

There will be times when you cannot avoid a stressful situation. In those cases, it is best to identify what there is about the situation that causes you such stress and then to find a way to change your attitude towards the situation. For example, if you find yourself feeling stressed because a co worker always seems to be criticizing the way you do something. Try viewing that coworker as trying to help rather than a nuisance. By changing the way you view your co worker you can reduce your stressful reaction to their suggestions.

Stress self help is a matter of finding those things which help you to manage the stressful situations in your life. Making changes is not easy but, it is possible with a little practice and perseverance.


Spiritual Self Help

Human beings are spiritual creatures. Just like your body needs to have proper nutrition and exercise to maintain your physical health so too does the spirit need to be fed and cared for in order to maintain proper spiritual health. However, in today’s society with so many concerns and busy life styles many people ignore the spiritual side of themselves. When this happens, they begin to view life more negatively. It is not unusual for someone who has depleted their spiritual reserves to find themselves feeling angry, depressed and even physically ill. There are things you can do to reconnect with your spiritual self and set yourself back on the road to spiritual health. Here are some spiritual self help tools you can use.

Quiet Reflection

Your body needs the proper amount of rest to function properly. So too, does your spirit need to be able to rest in order to be healthy. One of the best spiritual self help tools you can have is to find a quiet place in which to rest your spirit and to reflect and reconnect with the good in your life. Whether your quiet place is sitting by a mountain steam or swinging in that garden hammock or simply submerging yourself in a tub of hot water, make sure you have the time to enjoy at least 30 minutes of peace and quiet to revitalize your spirit.

When you make the time to absorb the quiet and peace for even a small period of time, you give your spirit a chance to rest and recharge which in turn strengthens you and your outlook on life.

Counting Your Blessings

Negative thoughts and feelings have the tendency of wearing down the spirit and making it weak which in turn leaves you open to even more negative feelings and thoughts. Taking the time to count the good things in life and reflect on them each day is a great way to get the spiritual self help you need. When you dwell on the things that are good in your life you can feel the spirit inside you grow and will soon feel yourself feeling happier.

Do A Good Deed

One of the things for the best spiritual self help aids is doing something to help someone else. When we give of ourselves to others it makes us feel better about our selves. Spiritual growth is often accomplished by giving of our time and talents to others. By helping someone else we not only begin to understand that we have many blessings in our own lives that we have been ignoring but, it simply makes us feel good to know that we have something of value to offer someone else. Even something as simple as saying a few kind words or giving a hug to someone who really needs it increases our own feelings of well being and helps to recharge our spirits.

When your spirit is healthy your body and mind are healthier as well. So, don’t hesitate to start on your own path to spiritual self help.

Some Methods of Self Help for Depression

With all the different ways to deal with depression that simply don’t work, it is no wonder why many people suffering from this illness look to self help for depression. There are many prescribed drugs of course, but many of these simply don’t work for some people, and then you have to consider all the side effects, ones that are known, as well as those that haven’t been discovered yet. One of the biggest problems with a lot of these drugs is that the people who suffer the most, minors under 18, can’t even take many of these.

Luckily, those people who are suffering from any sort of depression do have alternatives. There are many different method of self help for depression. Some of them have to do with changing your lifestyle, getting up and doing something, even if you don’t feel like it. Others have to do with changing your diet, stopping eating and drinking foods like coffee, alcohol, some sweets etc. Other help comes in the form of dietary supplements, herbs, foods that are high in serotonin, for examples.

In addition to changing your habits, some methods of self help for depression include learning techniques such as meditation to release the negativity in your life. There are self help books on the subject, CDs for you to listen to, as well as a variety of groups and resources. Many of the problems of depression stem from long rooted other problems, a death in the family, abuse as a child, and learning to deal with these problems, also self help, can often lead to lessening your depression.

Getting self help for depression also means simply looking up what the symptoms are, and seeing if you are actually suffering from depression, or something that is masking as depression. Thyroid conditions, diabetes, and other ailments often have been misdiagnosed as being depressed. Some of these can be fixed with certain medications, the right diet as well as exercise. Anyone who is seeking answers on their own, through other means than seeing a specialist is using self help to make themselves feel better.

It is important that people find as much information that they can about self help methods for depression. You can find information at the library, mental health centers, as well as an abundance of literature on it online. You can even go online and look up the medications you may be currently be taking, what they are made from, what kinds of effects they are supposed to have, as well as any adverse reactions, and illnesses that may be connected with them. You can also find alternatives to these medications, herbal supplements, eliminating or including something in what you are eating.

These are just some methods of self help for depression. Don’t pay for any kind of information online, there are literally thousands of resources that are completely free. If you are really serious about getting your depression under control, it is worth doing the needed research to find a solution that fits your needs.