The use of herbal remedies has dated back hundreds, perhaps thousands of years in the history of many cultures all over the world. Herbal medicine is a treatment that makes use of naturally available products, mainly plants for curing various kinds of ailments. So read on a little more and get to know the rich history of herbal medicine in different parts of the world.

Herbal Medicine during Ancient Days

There are evidences pointing that herbal plants have been used even by early man. Although not as refined as the concoctions used by other civilization, their version of herbal medicine mainly were chewing on herbs for easing stomach pains. Ancient people who have learned to live together and form communities had one herbal specialist tasked to create medicine for the people in the community.

The Hindu’s Ayurvedic Medicine

The Hindu’s Ayurvedic medicine is a traditional healing practice from the Hindu culture. Ayurvedic medicine has dated back to as old as 6,000 years. The word ayurvedic literally means “the complete knowledge for long life” and similarly, its traditional healing practices are focused on increasing the longevity and the quality of life. Aside from herbal remedies, the practice also involves massage and touch therapies.

Herbal Medicine by Ancient Egyptians

The Egyptians were famous for inventing a lot of things and this included herbal medicine discoveries. Historical records have mentioned and depicted ancient Egyptians making use of various kinds of plants for treating ailments and improving their health.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Remedies

The traditional Chinese herbal medicine is perhaps the most famous of all the herbal medicines in the history of the world. The Chinese have been well known for making use of local plants and herbs for healing various physical conditions. They practice the philosophy of yin and yang, two opposing forces that are essential to life. These forces need to exist in harmony for the body to remain healthy.

Herbal Remedies of Today

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Indeed, the use of herbal medicines has transcended through time. Up until today, they are still being used by millions of people all over the globe. Statistics have revealed that up to 75% of the entire world’s populations still turn to old herbal practices for curing various health conditions. Although most of the herbal medicine practices are grounded on spiritual beliefs, even science is starting to recognize its ability to cure actual diseases. Today, there are many studies that seek to characterize compounds in the most widely used herbal plants and test its effects to the body and to certain diseases.

Herbal plants are not only used to cure conditions but to promote good health and a better quality of life. But in spite of all these, there are still a lot of people who are skeptic about the ability of herbal medicines to cure ailments and health conditions.

Many of the studies focusing on herbal plants have turned herbal medicine into one of the most promising sources of biologically important compounds for treating a wide range of disease. But then again, this is something that many ancient cultures have already known years past. Today, herbal remedies are seen as the most promising answer to curing diseases and conditions that were thought to be incurable before.

Origins of Herbal Remedies

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