PMS or premenstrual syndrome is a condition that a lot of women have experience during their monthly periods. This is generally caused by a hormonal imbalance brought about by the menstrual period. Progesterone and estrogen, the main hormones secreted during menstruation, can mess up the natural balance of neurotransmitters in the brain, thereby affecting the mood and the over-all disposition of women during these times of the month. So for those of you who are looking for safe and natural solutions to this condition, here are a number of herbal remedies for PMS that you can make use of.

Nettle tea

Nettle tea is made from the roots and the leaves of the Nettle plant, an herb that is widely distributed all throughout the United States. Nettle tea is very effective in reducing the amount of water retained in the body during menstruation. Hence, women feel less bloated. Aside from that, this herbal remedy for PMS can also help stop excessive bleeding, making them beneficial not only during the menstruation period but after pregnancy as well.

Red clover tea

There are actual studies that support the effectiveness of red clover tea in alleviating the pain associated with PMS. This tea has been used for hundreds of years, but unfortunately, very few are aware of its use. The pink flowers are especially rich in phyto-estrogens that help bring back normal hormone balance during the menstrual period. Aside from that, these herbal remedies for PMS are also useful in relieving hot flashes and night sweats that are associated with menopause.

Licorice tea

Licorice has the ability to lower estrogen levels, increase progesterone levels and balance out hormonal levels. With a woman’s hormonal system more attuned, she is less likely to experience the pain and the mood swings that are normally associated with PMS. However, licorice tea is not recommended for women with high blood pressure.


Valerian is an herb that is a well-known sedative. It will not only produce a calming effect but can help physically loosen and relax the muscles. Valerian also helps alleviate back pains and the usual abdominal cramps that are common during a menstrual period. These herbal remedies for PMS can be taken in the form of a decoction, homemade tea packets and even in tablet forms.

Vervain tea

Vervain tea is an herb that targets and relaxes the nervous system and strengthens the liver and spleen. So what has this got to do with PMS exactly? The liver has a huge role in maintaining hormone balance. A well-functioning liver can help counter the hormonal imbalance that occurs during menstrual periods.

Dandelion root

Dandelion roots have been proven to help decrease water retention and bloating and relieve the body of muscle spasms. Dandelion root can be crushed and simmered with water to create a concoction.

Fighting the discomforts associated with PMS does not have to mean taking prescription meds at all. You can always go the natural way with these herbal remedies for PMS.

Safe Herbal Remedies for PMS



Although herbal remedies have been around for hundreds of years, it has only risen in popularity in the market in the past decade. The reason for this is because more and more people are getting conscious about the kind and the quality of medicines that they are taking. For those who want the all-natural means of treatment, turning to herbal remedies is the perfect choice.

But what consumers need to be aware of is that not all the herbal remedies sold in the market are as good or even as safe as they claim to be. Thus, you need to exercise just as much caution when you buy herbal remedies as you do when you buy prescription medications. So to help you out, here are a few tips that you can follow.

Herbal Remedies

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Tip #1: Do your research before shopping. If you want to turn to herbal remedies to treat a certain condition, it is best that you research on what particular herbs are effective for treating such ailment before you head out shopping. Aside from saving you time, researching ahead gives you the chance to read about different options and find out what herb is most effective for your condition.

Tip #2: If you have a choice, buy herbal remedies that have been subjected to actual clinical tests and studies. You need to keep in mind that the traditional herbal treatments were made partly based on spiritual beliefs rather than on actual scientific studies. So it is best to always choose herbs that have undergone actual scientific and clinical studies.

Tip #3: Read the expiration date. Yes, herbal remedies, especially those that are now made commercially available in the market, have expiry dates. So before you buy herbal remedies, always remember to check the expiry date of the product. Herbs may lose their potency when stored over longer periods of time. Some might even turn out to be poisonous when kept beyond their shelf life.

Tip #4: Display a little skepticism when shopping. Most of the time, manufacturers tend to sensationalize their claims. If these sound too good to be true, they probably are. So practice a little more skepticism when you buy herbal remedies and try not to get carried away with the next “cure-for-all” claim that you read on those boxes. Again, doing research before shopping can help you stay grounded with the facts and will let you sort out what is real and what is mere hearsay.

Tip #5: Learn to read the fine print. Commercially manufactured herbal remedies can sometimes contain other ingredients that may not be good for you. So learn to read the ingredients printed on the container or on the product’s box and see if there are any substances that you might be allergic to.

So before you buy herbal remedies, try to learn about them as much as you can. Also, it is best to consult your physician first before using any herbal remedies.

Herbal healing remedies have been popular, and used for thousands of years, and can help to treat, and cure a huge number of ailments. They are a very popular alternative to drugs, and more conventional treatments that are used far too often. There are many different ways that the herbs can be used from teas, supplements, and essential oils. All of which will have different properties that can help a huge range of ailments.

We all forget that there are other options when it comes to finding treatments for problems that you may have. Doctors are too quick to prescribe over the counter drugs, and although these may treat your problem, they may be causing other problems. Herbal healing remedies are ideal when looking for an alternative that will have no side effects. Often the ingredients that are needed can be found easily at home making them affordable as well as effective.

Herbal medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine, and many Greek philosophers believed that humans should live in harmony with nature. It was believed that nature would produce different forms of treatments, and cures through their own growth. Unfortunately, it took many years, and trial and error to discover the right combinations, and plants that could help the different ailments. As they were discovered, they were documented to allow others to gain from the discoveries.

There are many different types of herbal healing remedies from the traditional ones that are used in the western world to old style Chinese herbs. The Chinese have been using herbs in their treatments for thousands of years with some amazing results. The list of ailments that are treated with herbal healing remedies is exhaustive. Although you will suffer no harm from using the different herbs, trying to plan what herbs are necessary for each ailment is a challenge.

You should ensure that you always seek professional help from a person who knows exactly what herbs are necessary for each treatment. They will be able to select the perfect herbal healing remedies for the symptoms that you are suffering from. Herbal medicine, and treatments have come a long way in the last few years, and more people are turning to it than ever before. There are no fears of side effects, over prescribing, combining the wrong medications, and of course the cost is far lower.

In the current economic climate, everyone is seeking alternative ways to save money, and prescription drugs are very expensive. Although it is never advisable for you to stop taking your drugs before you have others, there is nothing to stop you seeking alternatives. Herbal healing remedies may shock you how good they are, and you will wonder why you never considered them before now. You have nothing to lose by giving them a chance, and seeing what the herbal healing remedies can do for you.

The way that we live today have increased the number of stress related illnesses that people suffer from. Finding treatments for these is difficult, and herbal healing remedies are often the best way to deal with stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and skin problems. Although there are a huge amount of people that are still skeptical, thankfully, attitudes are changing for the better, and herbal healing remedies are being tried.

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